Most frequent questions and answers

We have two statuses: “Processing” and “Completed” – Please refrain from sending us an email inquiring about the status of your order if it is still within the lead-time period.

No we do not. Orders are handled on a first come first serve basis. If you need a holster immediately, check out our “Ready to Ship” section for available options.

If it isn’t on our website, we do not currently offer it. Please fill out our Holster Request Form so we can determine which new Gun Make/Models to introduce.

The “click” sound that most people hear when fitting a Kydex holster comes from the pocket created by the trigger guard area. When purchasing a holster with a weapon light attached, the pocket no longer exists due to the channel created for the light. Some lights will still make that “click” sound, however. All of our holsters come with multiple points of adjustable retention to retain the weapon via friction. The “click” sound is not done with all of our holsters.

If you purchase a holster from us made for a firearm with a light attached, the light needs to be connected to retain the weapon. Some holsters might still retain the gun without the light attached; however, we do not recommend this as this is unsafe.

When your order ships, an email is sent to your email address on file with a shipping notification and tracking number.