Inside the waistband

Hand-crafted from 2 pieces of Kydex to give it the sleekest design possible while maintaining maximum comfort and durability. Offered in light-bearing and non-light-bearing options.

Outside the Waistband

Our OWB Holsters contour to your body while riding high and tight. They can be concealed easily with a T-shirt or Jacket and are offered in light-bearing and non-light-bearing options.

Gun belt

The CHAOS is our take on a minimalist gun belt holster designed to be attached using Safariland QLS or a GCode RTI Hanger 33/34. Hand-crafted from .93 heavy-duty Kydex for rugged applications.

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HunterSeven Foundation is a veteran-founded, federally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that specializes in medical research and education specifically on the post-9/11 veteran cohort.  

FPC is a coalition of hundreds of thousands of Patriots organizing to take back our Constitution and defend the inalienable, fundamental, and individual right to keep and bear arms.

About Us


Stinger Precision LLC was founded by Jack Comstock, a six-year veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division with deployments to Afghanistan and Syria. Mr. Comstock is a gun enthusiast who holds an Associate of Science degree in Firearms Technology. Stinger Precision LLC was started with a mission to provide high-quality, durable holsters on which Americans can rely.

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